Monday, March 5, 2007

It's a Library Thing !

Library Thing is for me. I find it to be a fabulous tool for both learning and fun. I have used the Book Recommendations and Book reviews.
I have a 12 year-old boy that reads well, but it's difficult finding books he will both enjoy and be good for academic credit at his school. LT has come in quite handy. Books we never would have come up with, pop-up on the recommended lists.
Personally, I enjoy the "warm fuzzy feeling" I get when I enter LT. I feel as if I'm walking into a Barnes and Noble bookstore. What makes up for not being able to put my hand on the books though, is being able to narrow the search for my books with a click of a mouse. I can also read literary reviews and check into Amazon or someplace and order the book , just like that. LT is like a "cozy reading room." I like that!


Just the name "Technorati" says it all for me..... too technical..... But, I continue to swim through the thick swamp of technical gobbly goop anyway! I now know that Technorati is a place to find blogs about popular people, hot news items, and just a place to discuss whatever. You can also connect with myspace, utube, dell and web 2.o. I found the best music to download or just listen. I was surprised by the variety of blogs I can now read or add my own spin on.
I'm more of a facts person. So, I was excited to suddenly have links to informative websites about politics or travel. I'm learning lots...... Thanks girls, .... is neat! What a great holding tank for stored information. I no longer have to say to myself, "where did I find that info. again." With I can keep track of my favorite websites and any new websites that I enjoy. It will be a great help to me while I explore historic information (a hobby of mine) or do other research projects . I so love the tags that you can make for yourself. Tags are a great help, they remind you of where to find your stuff. Works well for the clutter bug in me.