Thursday, July 5, 2007


Wow ! So many lessons, so much info. I am taken back by all the items covered in this 2.0 quest. I definitely know how to operate a Blog. I can get involved in social networking on My Space or Flickr, sharing both interests and pictures with close friends or new friends. Library Thing opens up the world of books to us and Net-Library allows us to read E-Books. RSS Feeds bring us the latest news.
Pod casts and You-Tube can either provide you with live audio or video of your favorite broadcasts.

I did like the idea of meeting with you girls to help me along at the beginning of the program, I would have liked to have met more often.

Thanks you for your efforts. I AM DONE. (WHEW!)

Net Library

Net Library is pretty easy to use. I was quite surprised. I needed to give a user name; password; name; and e-mail address, in order to set up an account. I looked up many books and many topics... then read, read, read! I'm not too sure I'd use this feature though.
I like to hold the book I'm reading in my hand. I don't think I would read the E-Book before it was due. I could however use this feature if I were reading a textbook and needing to refer to information often.
My son's Middle School is hoping to set up the school's website with access to grades; school assignments; and textbooks. This would be a good thing.
Thanks to 2.0 I am prepared for reading books on-line.


Pod casting is a neat tool that can be used to educate or entertain. I enjoy listening to motivational speeches and sermons. They help me focus better while I'm working on ordering or doing other Library work. I used it while working on 2.0.

Yahoo Podcast was the easiest on the pod casts systems for me to use. The search engine is very thorough and efficient. I looked up a local podcast from Jefferson City. I was able to find it quickly using the Yahoo Podcast. I will have a good time using my new MP3 Player with favorite tunes and broadcasts,with the knowledge I gain here.

YOU TUBE - 1957 Ella Fitzgerald on the Nate King Cole Show

What fun I had discovering You-Tube. I felt like it was my portal into the past. I am a big fan of Jazz singers. I was elated to find old footage and music with Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nat King Cole. I can use this for fun and information. The You-Tube website is set up so you can choose video, channels, categories and community (personal video). I could not imagine posting home video images on a public website. I did appreciate the video used in the 2.0 Learning it is a great learning tool. Libraries can benefit by sharing instructional techniques. Go You-Tube !