Friday, January 26, 2007

Libraries and MySpace

MySpace accounts are a great thing for teens and parents alike.
I read blogs on myspace accounts at several libraries. Some I was impressed with, while others I felt were slow, tacky, and just plain bad!!!
I did find one Library in Orange County Florida ( that I thought was soooo very contemporary. Their myspace pages have a blog for teens called Techno Teens. Here they can read book reviews given by librarians and learn about current library events.
One teen group and the teen librarians passed out free library stuff at an outdoor rock concert. At this same library, teen librarians keep the space up to date and promote programs with lots of enthusiasm. Teens can let staff know if they enjoy or hate an activity.
As I continued to peruse myspace accounts I found that there are resources for parents that focus on child/teen cyberspace saftey.
This has been good learnin'.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Wiki Wiki Come On...

Wikipedia, WikiNews, are just a few ways information is shared on Wikis. Teachers and students communicate about assignments, share interests, and solve problems using this tool. Employers and employees collaborate on projects together; while friends plan trips they will take together. Others share favorite recipes or books reviews. Fan clubs and hobbyists inform us about little know facts. We learn things we may never have known.

I was most amazed by a Wiki News story that took place over a year ago. It was started during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. It began as a storm indicator and later became a locater for missing family members; a map of flooded and blocked streets. This Wiki became THE, on the ground eyes /ears for people all over the world.

What an awesome form of expression a Wiki can take!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tiffany the Blogger !!!

Thank goodness I have 16 weeks to complete this 11-week course. I am no computer person. So, I was in no hurry to get started...
I'm good with the stuff I use everyday like Millenium, Google, Amazon etc. But new stuff can be like a tough math problem. Math is hard for me... I'm a good student: but lots of tutorials will be needed!
I read blogs on AOL all the time. I enjoy the up to the minute opinions about goings-on in the world. However creating my own blog has taken a few hours-between customer service here in Childrens. I am looking forward to learning about different uses of the web. If I get a head start, I'll know what my soon to be teenage son is talking about.

Thanks girls for making this opportunity available.