Thursday, July 5, 2007


Wow ! So many lessons, so much info. I am taken back by all the items covered in this 2.0 quest. I definitely know how to operate a Blog. I can get involved in social networking on My Space or Flickr, sharing both interests and pictures with close friends or new friends. Library Thing opens up the world of books to us and Net-Library allows us to read E-Books. RSS Feeds bring us the latest news.
Pod casts and You-Tube can either provide you with live audio or video of your favorite broadcasts.

I did like the idea of meeting with you girls to help me along at the beginning of the program, I would have liked to have met more often.

Thanks you for your efforts. I AM DONE. (WHEW!)


Bobbi said...

congrats on finishing! Let me know if you have any problems with your mp3 player

Robin said...

Looking through the crop of current LL2.0 programs, it looks like a lot of them have taken our "lessons learned" to heart and are giving more face-to-face time. I'm quite proud though that, despite the limited in-person learning time, you have finished this up and are on your way to Web 2.0 guru-ness!